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Bush warblers give an idea of ​​evolution

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A recent study of Japanese bush warblers, introduced in Oahu in 1929 and now present in each of the major Hawaiian islands, offers new insights into the evolution of non-native bird species in the state. [19659006ThestudyconductedbyateamledbytheUniversityofNorthArizonaofJeffreyFosterexaminosecontactsofbloodswithamaximummusicbetween2003and2005

As expected, samples collected from birds on Oahu had genetic diversity than those from other islands, where populations were established from a smaller group of birds.

Kauai shrub warblers, however, appear to be an atypical case.

The researchers note that Kauai, which is three times farther from Oahu than the other nearby islands, has a population of bush warblers that appear to have a "unique subset of the general genetic diversity found elsewhere" .

Foster said the difference suggests that bird populations or n different islands will continue to diverge over time.

Foster said that the invasive opossums provided a useful topic to examine the evolution of birds.

"Bush-Warblers first came to the Big Island when I lived there in the 1990s," Foster said in a statement distributed on January 17. "The idea that this invasion could be studied in progress it left me totally hallucinated "

Foster said that the degree to which birds are flying between islands is still unknown, which could complicate the effort to distinguish differences in genetic" signals ".

He said that it has not yet been determined why it took the birds 50 years to travel from Oahu to the other islands. [19659006Theresultsofstudiesareincludedinthe17theditionofthescientificreviewTheAutoOrnithologicalAdvancethatcanbereleased:https://808news/2mZ67ai

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