Bungie Destiny 2 Changing Weekly Bounties, Cansil Crimson Days Next Season

Bungie is making several changes to Destiny 2 starting in its upcoming season, adjusting how the content will be completed and how you will earn rewards when you log in. After the next content season starts, Bungie is doing away with her weekly bounty. A system in which players have to fulfill certain objectives within a week to receive certain rewards, including premium currency.

The latest this week on the Bungi blog follows that Destiny 2 will begin with the next content season, which kicks off on 9 February. Currently, players can log in each week and receive weekly prizes from various in-game vendors who reward Experience Points and Bright Dust, one of Destiny 2’s premium currencies upon completion. You only have one week when you let them out those bounces once, and if you do both your XP gains (which control your ascent for rewards on Destiny 2’s season pass) and your bright dust gains If you want to maximize, then you need to play every week.

Bungie is changing that system to a new seasonal challenges. New challenges unlock each week through the first 10 weeks of the new season, giving players the objective to pursue a wide variety of activities. Instead of ending each week, however, the challenges pile up and last until the end of the season, so you can skip a week or two (or more) and still come back into the game and earn your rewards Huh.

We had previously heard about how Bingy is changing its seasonal activities this year in fear of reducing “FOMO” or disappearing players, who may leave the game and return after a long time Huh. Over the past two years, the seasonal model of Destiny 2 added new activities to the game every few months, but those activities would only remain in the game until the start of the next season. It ends this year, when new events will close with every new season, but they won’t be removed from the game when the new season ends – at least, until the next expansion is released in November.

The change in reward for the season is intended to make FOMO easier to combat and for players who are not able to log in each week. Bungie also said that the seasonal challenge model is meant to give players who have only one character in Destiny 2 who are three. Seasonal challenges cover all characters on one account, so you won’t need to log into each of the three characters every week to complete the same rewards to earn full rewards.

While seasonal challenges will last throughout the season and some will remain available as long as their respective seasonal activities are still in play, you will still have to claim your challenges before the end of the season for the given content. So you will not be able to gain experience or bright dust from the challenges of the previous season after the new season starts.

While seasonal activities will be around for a long time, this year there will be at least one thing that will not return; It is the Valentine’s Day holiday show of Crimson Days, Destiny 2. The event typically features a special doubles crucible mode, in which teams composed of two players take on each other, as well as some Valentine’s-themed prizes. Bungie has written that the quality of Crimson Days has not met its standards in recent years, and so the holiday phenomenon is currently moving into the “content vault”.

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