Bungie cancels Destiny Today 2 Curse Of Osiris Stream to address the recent controversy in its place


The third of Bungie's three Destiny 2 live transmissions dedicated to Curse of Osiris has been canceled. Instead of its planned release on Wednesday, the developer will instead launch a blog post that shares some "higher priority information," which seems to be in response to the recent uproar over the discovery of an undeveloped XP scaling system.

Tomorrow, we had planned to make the final broadcast before the release of Curse of Osiris to show some of the weapons and armor that the expansion includes, "David David wrote," DeeJ "Bungie's Dague in the developer forums. change, we are investing all our efforts in delivering higher priority information about Destiny 2. You will hear from the study leadership about your evaluation of Destiny, they will talk about our goals for the game in the future, and you will I will also learn about how we react to your comments with some game updates that will arrive in the coming weeks. "

All this will be shared in a post on Bungie's website sometime today. It is unclear if there are still plans to share these details of Curse of Osiris at some other time, but there is not much time left to do so, since its launch is planned for the future, and Activision confirmed with GameSpot that there will not be one this week. December 5.

Game director Luke Smith recently announced that, sometime this week, Bungie would share details about some key changes that will come to Destiny 2. He also said that he and project leader Mark Noseworthy would be " answering some questions and answering comments from the community we've been reading since the launch. "

Although Smith n or offered more details, it seems likely that complaints about the perceived lack of a final game will be addressed. Perhaps the most important thing is that they can also discuss the mentioned controversy that emerged last week. A Reddit user discovered that Destiny 2 limited the amount of XP he earned by participating in certain activities, such as Public Events. Bungie acknowledged that this hidden system was in place and disabled him, saying: "We are not happy with the results." However, this seemingly welcome change coincided with another adjustment, doubling the amount of XP needed to level up to the maximum level. Bungie did not recognize this change at the beginning, only later confirming that it was so and informing the players that he is working on a UI update in the game to make this change clear.

Due to the way in which level 20 rewards are awarded – each rank earns you a brilliant Engram – there has been some concern that the level escalation (and the subsequent required increase in XP) have been motivated by microtransactions. Bright Engrams can be purchased for real money, and although its contents are of a cosmetic nature, players naturally badumed that anything that is done to limit the acquisition of Bright Engrams by players is due to a desire to encourage microtransactions.

of the approach to the sequence was set as gear, we have already taken a look at some of the new armor and weapons of the Curse of Osiris. We will report everything we know about the expansion before its release, as well as the plans Bungie shares in his blog post.

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