Bulls Suggested as Potential Business Destination for Bradley Beal

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The Chicago Bulls have become a very interesting team to watch in the Eastern Conference. After years of fighting, Billy Donovan, Zach LaVine and the Bulls are back in pursuit of the playoffs. Now the Bulls are being mentioned in potential trade rumors and Bradley Beal is a name that has come up.

Of course, the source of the tip is the Pippen Ain’t Easy website, and it’s certainly not a report of interest. However, it is mentioned that Beal could be a business target for the Bulls. And there’s no question that the Bulls have the kind of young talent to accomplish something for Beal.

Beal would make an ideal running mate to play alongside LaVine. I’d add elite perimeter shots and touchdowns. Those things would help take the pressure off LaVine and keep opposing defenses honest.

To do something with the Washington Wizards for Beal, the Bulls would probably have to offer a deal that includes Wendell Carter Jr. or Lauri Markkanen. That shouldn’t deter the Bulls from continuing the trade. Beal is a talent that would be worthwhile for one or both types.

So far this season with the Wizards in 28 games, Beal has averaged 32.8 points, 5.2 rebounds and 4.8 assists per game. He has shot 48.1 percent from the floor overall and knocked down 33.3 percent of his three-point attempts.

Those numbers show why the Bulls should seriously consider doing all they can for Bradley Beal. It would be the exact type of addition that would lead Chicago into serious playoff contention.

The only problem is the fact that the Wizards haven’t aggressively pursued the idea of ​​trading Beal. Even if they did, almost every team in the NBA would be interested in trying to catch him. While the Bulls have a lot of interesting trading chips, they may not be enough.

Expect to continue hearing a ton of rumors about Bradley Beal as the trade deadline approaches. The Bulls may not be a serious competitor to acquire it, but they should give it a go.

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