We expect two other problems between Levski and CSKA, that is when they are

After yesterday, it seems clear that Ludogorets will surely get the regular season in the # 39; First League and in Levski and CSKA can not finish in other places except the second and third years before the playoffs begin, there is already a know and when the two herdings rise up against each other, 39; "Subject Sport" writing.

It does not matter how the album appears after the boundaries and the last round in the fire, a game between "blue" and "red" will be played in the 30th and 35th round. The rating is only dependent on who entertains him.

Ludogorec won a visit to Levski by 2: 0

Ludogorets has one smaller opponent for the title, stopping the "eagles strike" in the middle of "Gerena"

2: 0 to mark a selection of Stoich Stoev after Marcelino and Lukoci

The first meeting will definitely be 20 April or 21, and the second will be around 24 May.

The whole program will be obvious after the last round of the normal season in the & # 39; First League, over the weekend.

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