Tuesday , November 30 2021

The world sighs on the unreal long legs of EA (PHOTOS) – Curious – News about lifestyle, style, diets, fashion


There are all myths and legends about the beauty of the Swedes. Now all Scandinavian men have lost their 34-year-old beauty from Stockholm Ia Ostergren. And this is due to the terribly long legs of the Swede. The beautiful beauty is 178 centimeters long and the length of her leg is 108 centimeters.

As a young woman she was a tall, skinny girl and she was not particularly attractive. In order to turn into the bad symbol she is currently in, she has had a lot of work in the gym

From 2014 she does not stop uploading her pictures to social networks. Thanks to the wonderful combination of a sporty figure and long legs, it quickly becomes an instart sensation. At the moment, the blonde has nearly 140,000 followers in the network.

Ostergren uploads photos both from home and the sports hall, and her underwear collection collects thousands of likes. Many Swedish teenagers often seek her advice

"You really inspire a strong woman"; "Her legs are just glamorous," and "Permanent and hard work creates perfection," just say a few of the comments under her posts

Not many men dream of being so beautiful. To their regret, however, the heart of Ia has long been occupied. For a couple of years I have installed the star as a happy married couple and have two children

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