The Vice-Chair of CPONPI purchased a series of over 200 squares for less than 40 000 leva – Policy

Commission Vice-Chair for taking anti-corruption and removing the illegally acquired property (KPKONPI) Anton Slavchev. He and his friends bought a chain of more than 200 square meters for less than 40 000 leva. For him, he also named a room in the upper "Hipodruma" area for 18 000 leva, said BTV.

Conditions for the accommodation and terrace bought with his relatives in 2010 and 2011, when Slavchev worked with the National Security Agency (SANS). He is currently a leader of opposition to corruption and is charged with ensuring that politicians who bought cheap houses from Arteks are.

March 2010 DANS Representative Anton Slawchev gets his 63 square meter right in a building for nearly BGN 19,000.

Framework: BTV

May 2018 Slavchev is the deputy leader in corruption, and in his possession he claims to be the same place in 63 squares, which was acquired at the same price, and bought it the right to build – 18 600 leva. Or about € 151 for a square.

A year after the proper construction, Anton Slavchev and his friends bought a span of 243 sq.m. The price is 5 times lower than the tax assessment in the notary activity. The estate tax assessment is a true sale coming to BGN 216 419. The simple bill shows that the bargain has risen to 83 euros per square.

Anton Slavchev was appointed as Deputy Commissioner for Regeneration on a recommendation from Chair Plamen Georgiev in March 2018. Slavchev has the power to look at his manager's property, and took leave from them.

Anton Slavchev will take part in the National Security Advisory Council, called by the president next Monday, after a head of state has trusted by the Chair of CPCONP Plamen Georgiev.

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