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The journalist who killed Cobra and Sushi: is a goldsmith, it is absurd to have felt it.


If you look carefully at your archival material and your face, luminosity and the tone itself, you feel the lie. The fact that he felt her in the back, I do not believe anything. For me, it is an absolute fiction, and probably it has benefited, since there was no opportunity for witnesses to protect Kubrat Pulev. This was stated in an interview with bTV Evgeni Veselinov, the man who filmed the last images of the Bulgarian boxer and the American journalist Jennifer Rawalo-Jenny Sushi before the interview with the kiss.

Veselinov is editor-in-chief of, the site of the Bulgarian community in California. He is everywhere a week with the Pulevi team in Costa Mesa. The only Bulgarian journalist reflected the events at the site and conducted live interviews with the two brothers. He has lived in Los Angeles for many years and is the founder of the first Bulgarian school there, as well as the first Bulgarian newspaper.

"For me, things are based on a cheap gold search engine, a glory search engine that plays the role of victim of money and image." She realized after seeing Kubrat's reaction when she decided she could to earn some money and that's where things were going, "said Evgeni Veselinov.

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Evgeni Veselinov

At the same time, the kiss that has caused Kubrat Pulev great headaches remains an important issue for several world publications. After it became clear that the Bulgarian boxer had lost his license to participate in matches in California due to Jenny Sushi's complaint, the boulevard editions began to look for reactions in the nearby Cobra.

The most impressive newspaper in England, "Sun", came to the instrama of the Bulgarian people, the folk singer Andrea, to discover that she was completely behind him at this tense moment. Other editions of the island's boulevard express their perplexity as to why Pulev is kissing the unusually impressive Sushi, since she has so much beauty for herself, writes

The Bulgarian boxer will have to appear at a hearing on the Athletics Commission of the State of California on May 14 to explain his behavior. Until then, he has suspended the right to compete in the state.

After the game with Bogdan Dinu, Cobratra took a break, but is ready for his next battle of the professional ring. If you want to be retained in the United States, you will have to wait until the hearing before the committee can compete again.

Even if Pulev's license is permanently withdrawn after the hearing, he is entitled immediately to request its resumption in any other state of the US. UU., And their chances of recovering it are great.

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