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Unfortunately, I'm sure the skins have been prepared, grown right and waiting for the time taken away. This group of people was known to have known this scandal 6 months ago, and that it is currently being removed. Four people were struck at the same time. That is what the political expert Professor Dr. Antoaneta Hristova in 3 Canal.

What are seen in the shadow sources are the American-Bulgaria funding, sources and journalists are known as “Democratic Bulgaria” and “Yes, Bulgaria”. The upper level is correct – this is very clear. It is almost certain that they have 100% good communication with issues in the GLP. In addition, some of the GERB tours have lobbying into one of the political parties' own political leaders or leaders. There is a place where opinions should be considered as a hypothesis, but the truth is that very few parties seem to be clear. By now, they're interested in this: in an emergency, the UDF goes to GERB, so they lose their symbol, the numbers help them in European elections are reduced. T . This is not an emergency, but the pleasure they are trying to investigate. Christo Christo, concludes that this scandal is currently losing all politicians.

It showed the differences between GERB and BSP's views on such issues within the party's party. What GERB is between BSP and when an emergency is, is there a problem in a public way for a particular person from GERB, it is removed from a public view. It happened a couple of times and I can say that initiatives Borisov, which supports GERB at a level that BSP is unable to reach, can be according to Antoaneta Hristova.

Many are more special, she thinks, is happening Tsvetan TsvetanovTsvetan Tsvetanov

Tsvetan Genchev Tsvetanov was born on 8 April 1965 in Sofia.

In 1987 Tsvetanov came inwithdrawal might be a factor for removing a strong internal pressure at GERB. We're coming Tsvetan TsvetanovTsvetan Tsvetanov

Tsvetan Genchev Tsvetanov was born on 8 April 1965 in Sofia.

In 1987 Tsvetanov came in, the campaign's hero, who for GERB is a real leap for the organization of elections in general. It controls the system, can easily identify structures and, if pulled out, there can be a strong weakness inside. For me, the right decision is to withdraw from Tsvetanov from the first series, but I can't say exactly what it is. The political party should not be able and able to take it away in any way, but perhaps it should be put in a less diminished position, Professor Hristova suggested that it did not the awareness of a dominant party such as GERB with a clear leader Boyko BorisovBoyko Borisov

Boyko Metodiev Borisov is the Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria.

He was born on 13 June, 1959.

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