Saturday , November 27 2021

An American hit and killed a 14-year-old Bulgarian woman in San Francisco


The doctors of the General Hospital of Zuckerberg could not save the life of Madlen Koteva

A 14-year-old Bulgarian woman died yesterday at a hospital in San Francisco after she was beaten on a pedestrian walkway while walking her dog.

The incident occurred around 6:15 pm on March 15 in the Lake Merced area in the southwestern part of the US city. UU., And the teenager Madeleine Koteva was with her mother Penka. The two walked their pet. Across the street through them, a rushed Mercedes car, run by a woman.

The mother and daughter were taken to a hospital, with Penka Koteva with minor injuries and bruises. However, Madeleine's status of 14 years has been extremely severe. The girl was in a coma with multiple injuries.

Madeleine's brother – Krbadimir Kotev has asked for help in gofundme to pay for expensive treatment. Yesterday afternoon, however, doctors at the Zuckerberg General Hospital told parents that the teenager is brain dead.

"Madeleine is gone. All our love and our prayers are with her."his brother wrote last night.

San Francisco police continue the investigation and it is not yet clear if the driver of the Mercedes was charged.

However, according to the people living in the area, the municipality has not put the necessary precautions on the road. The speed limitation on the street is 30 miles per hour (48 km / h), but drivers often do not. There are no "lying policemen" and a blinking traffic light warns drivers to approach a pedestrian walkway.

The area is on the shore of the lake and is loved by people for a walk. Street cars are also parked on both sides of the street, which often blocks the view of drivers and leads to accidents.

The family of Madeleine Koteva lived in the "Druzhba" neighborhood in Sofia. They arrived in the United States about five years ago.

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