Buffalo protester Martin Gugino was released from the hospital.

Gugino will continue his recovery in an undisclosed location to ensure privacy.

Zarcone said Gugino can “walk with a little help” and that his condition will continue to improve with time and rest.

Buffalo protester Martin Gugino has a skull fracture and is unable to walk.
The activist has a fractured skull and was unable to walk at the time, his lawyer said in a statement provided two weeks ago.

CNN was unable to speak directly to Gugino, but in his statement, Zarcone relayed a message from him: “I think it is very unnecessary to focus on me. There are many other things to think about besides me.”

Gugino is focused on improving and remains in rehabilitation, Zarcone said.

“Except for something unusual and unforeseen, I don’t expect many changes this whole week,” he said.

Gugino was pushed during a June 4 protest against racism and police brutality. He fell onto the sidewalk, where his head was bleeding.

The officers were identified as Aaron Torgalski, 39, and Robert McCabe, 32. They were suspended and charged with a second-degree assault charge. They pleaded not guilty.


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