Buffalo-field woman died while she was alive: disgusting Tom Brady

In a recent death notice in the Buffalo News, the family of the late Carole Scarsella from the Buffalo suburb of Lacavanna listed five things she believed defined her life:

  1. Reading, especially Stephen King’s books.

  2. Smoking. “He smoked millions of cigarettes,” it reads.

  3. Slot machine and facebook game.

  4. New York Yankees love and hate Tom Brady.

  5. Her children’s participation in schools.

Back at number 4 for a moment. If this is not the best bullet point for a Buffalo-area death notice, we don’t know what is.

Even ultra-competitive Tom Brady has to respect his hatred by a late Buffalo Bills fan. (Photo via Barry Chin / Boston Globe Getty Image)

In fact, the family reserves the use of the all-cap function until that note, so as to separate it. As, “He hates Tom Brady.” There is a mantra about this.

Read the whole thing for yourself:

And if it doesn’t, his relatives want to drive home at that particular point.

Bills fans, you see, haven’t enjoyed facing Brady in years. The Patriots were stunning 32-3 against Buffalo with Brady in the QB. One of those losses came in Week 17 when the Patriots sat Brady at halftime. He threw 70 TDs (his most vs. any NFL team) in those 35 games and ran two more for good measure.

Carroll is not alone in his hatred of Brady and the Patriots.

Buffalo Bills fans like to show their contempt for Tom Brady. (Photo by Tom Szcgowski / Getty Images)

But in death, he is now clearly enjoying the level of celebrity he could never achieve outside his family while he was alive. The posts have gone viral, and her legacy has been left in the hearts of long-suffering buffaloes.

And with Brady now in Tampa Bay, and Bill not scheduled to face the Buccaneers until 2021, we hope he can now rest in peace.

Godspeed, Carol.

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