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Buccaneers: meeting your enemy week 13


I took some time this week to talk to Freddie Boston of Lombardi Ave this week in preparation for the week's thirteen clashes between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Green Bay Packers. This is not the game that any of us expected when the schedules were published, since both teams are currently below .500 and the hopes of the playoffs have disappeared.

The loss of Aaron Rodgers has certainly had its effects on the Packers and overall disappointment that the Bucs extends through the list of 53 men. Freddie gave us an idea of ​​what is happening in Green Bay and what to expect on Sunday.

What have you seen of Brett Hundley that gives you the confidence to move on? Is Aaron Rodgers' long-term stand-in or the Packers out-season quarterbacks?

When the Packers promoted in the draft to get Hundley in 2015, the feeling was always that they would eventually be changed by a higher selection. Based on their actions so far, it seems unlikely.

We have seen the good and the bad of Hundley, which is to be expected since he is basically a rookie. In the worst case, he made bad decisions, clung too much to the ball and seemed lost. At its best, we get excellent performances like last week in Pittsburgh.

Hundley is a great athlete and has the physical tools to become a solid player. So far it has been too inconsistent, but possibly only because of the lack of experience.

If the Packers can not find a trading partner for him in the spring, they are likely to select a quarterback to compete with him for backup duties during the training camp.

The Packers had an offensive explosion last week in Pittsburgh and was by far the best Hundley performance. Is this something you think you can build on for the rest of the season or was it a casual game?

There is a feeling of optimism among Packers fans after last week's performance, albeit in a losing effort. Hundley surprised us all and it was excellent. Unlike previous games, he made good decisions, protected football and made a couple of beautiful shots.

This offensive is difficult to predict. Hundley made his best impression of Aaron Rodgers in the fourth quarter against Chicago and recorded a perfect pbader rating. But a week later they stopped him three times and the Packers did not have access. Just when the fans were ready to throw in the towel, he achieved another excellent performance against Pittsburgh.

If the Packers can move the ball on the ground and relieve some of Hundley's pressure, I think we could see another good performance from this offense.

With Kevin King's absence this week and in danger of missing the game, is it Mike Evans the Buccaneers player who worries you the most? What other Bucs do you feel represent a great threat?

Absolutely. Kevin King has been a rare bright spot in Green Bay High School, but a shoulder problem has been affecting him for a while. Damaria Randall recovered in the "star" position and leads the team in interceptions, but Davon House has disappointed. Without King, the Buccaneers will likely attack backup Josh Hawkins, who has struggled.

Even with King on the field, Mike Evans is a big concern for the Green Bay defense.

Outside of Evans, DeSean Jackson is a player who could have a good game, baduming he's healthy. Jackson's Big-Play ability will give the defensive coordinator the nightmares of Dom Capers.

If the Packers win on Sunday, is it because ____?

If Brett Hundley builds on last week's performance, gives him time in his pocket and makes smart decisions, the Packers will have a good chance of winning this game.

Defensively Green Bay needs to close the race and force a rotation. Second-year linebacker Blake Martinez could be the key to both. He played his career game last week in Pittsburgh, making some good plays against the race, while also having a major interception.

Ultimately, it all comes down to Hundley. If he plays well, the rest will fall into place.

What do you think will be the result of the game?

For the first time since Aaron Rodgers fell, I'm picking up the Packers to win. It will be a close game, but Green Bay will play with sense or urgency. The Packers season is over if they lose. Mike McCarthy's teams often play their best football when they have their backs against the wall, which is exactly what we saw last week.

I think Hundley plays well enough to maintain the offense and, on the defensive, the Packers achieve a crucial rotation. Packers 24, Buccaneers 20.

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For my prediction, like David Harrison, watch Friday's episode of Locked On Bucs below or wherever you download your podcasts!

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