Buccaneers GM – Tom Brady’s hand appears stronger than last year

TAMPA, Fla. – Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager Jason Lict said on Friday that after watching Tom Brady practice over the past six weeks, he believes the quarterback’s age is stronger at 43 than the previous year. He also said that Brady has set a new standard for the organization since signing as a free agent in March.

In 2002, Litch, as an assistant to Brady and the New England Patriots, said, “One thing that strikes me is that she doesn’t look like any big guy. Actually, her hand appeared on tape last year Is stronger than things. ” Director of player personnel and from 2009 to 2011 as director of player personnel.

“His work ethic is just unbelievable. We keep saying the word, but he just sets a high standard to let you know if people can keep it ready or if they’re not quite ready. And I think That everyone in this team wants. To reach that standard. You’ve got some youngsters here who are learning on the fly, but I think it’s something, I think we said it when we He was signed: Whenever he is done – let’s say five years from now – – that standard will remain with this team. “

The Bucs are embracing expectations around them, Lict said. They are not making themselves champions and recognize that they have not even played a game, but they feel a lot better to deal with playing under the microscope, something they struggled with in 2017 and 2018, which 5-11 left before. In the following years, starring on HBO’s “Hard Knock”.

“I think as these guys who are on our team, we grow up, get a little more experienced, and you add players who have a lot of playoff and Super Bowl experience and rings. “I think the confidence level just goes up,” Lict said. “When you’ve got a mature locker room – we’ve got a very diverse locker room, we have Tom Brady and [Rob Gronkowski] And [Jason Pierre-Paul] And [Lavonte David], Who have been in the league for quite some time.

“But we have a lot of young players who are playing a big role for us as well. But I think it’s just a confidence level. And expectations for a young team, sometimes you want to lower them a little bit. This group believes that expectations are welcome … because everyone wants to live up to expectations. ”

Coach Bruce Arians noticed that the confidence level also increased. At the end of last season, he told his team that the difference between the Bucs and the Saints was that “in September they knew they were going to win the division. We thought we might win, but we weren’t sure, And it wasn’t sure. It’s too late by October. ”

It is now a full 180, inspired not only by Brady’s arrival, but also a late-season turnaround from the Bucs’ young defense.

“I think our people showed up with that kind of confidence,” Arion said on Friday. “It’s been since the end of last season, especially defensively, the way they finished last season. Offensively, it’s a matter of being on the same page and confident – all the confidence in the world. – Because everyone believes in each other. And they put their hand in this work, so we must be a full swagger to step into the field. ”

Landing Brady has not only boosted confidence, but has also produced a powerful ripple effect, allowing the Buckeyes to land other high-profile players such as Gronkowski, LeSean McCoy and Leonard Fournette. In the past, in order to entice big names to Tampa Bay, the Bucs had to be inspected in free agency. But Licht believes that prominent, homegrown players such as David, Devin White, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, OJ Howard, Cameron Brett, Donovan Smith and Ali Marpet also enabled it.

“I think a lot of players looked at our team, we saw how close we were despite a record in a lot of games last year, and wanted to be a part of it,” Lict said. “And if Tom Brady picks up the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they probably think to themselves, ‘Why not me?’ Yes, [Brady] It had a part in it. But I don’t think he would have taken full credit if you had asked him yourself. You will take advantage of this when you have a goat. ”