Bubonic plague infects 3, boy in China: report

According to a report, a 3-year-old boy in China has been infected with the bubonic plague.

The Global Times of India reported that a child from Manghai County, located in southwestern China’s Yunnan Province, had a mild infection, but is now in stable condition. No other infections have been identified as alleged.

The report said the boy’s case came to light after a countywide screening for the disease, after which “three mice were found dead in a village for unknown reasons,” the outlet reported.

Known as the “Black Death”, bubonic plague can be fatal in up to 90% of infected people if left untreated, mainly with a variety of antibiotics. An outbreak in the Middle Ages killed millions of people.

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Pneumonic plague can develop from bubonic plague and severe lung infection can result in shortness of breath, headache and cough.

China has largely eradicated the plague, but occasional cases are still reported. Inner Mongolia reported four cases of bubonic plague in November 2019, according to Bloomberg, while Mongolia, a country bordering the Chinese autonomous region, recorded two cases earlier this year.

“Infected rats are a major source of the disease, which also reaches humans with infected flea bites,” Wang Peu, deputy head of Peking University’s School of Public Health, quoted Global Times. He claimed that the disease is “unlikely to spread” in Yunnan.

More specifically, the organism causes Yersinia pestis disease.

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Symptoms of bubonic plague – the most common form of the disease, according to the Mayo Clinic, and not to be confused with septicamic and pneumonic plague – typically include pain in the armpit, neck, or groin, as well as fever, headache. And muscle aches.

Fox News’s Stephen Soares and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

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