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Bubba Wallace, who feared being ‘weakest link’, leads NFC to virtual Pro Bowl victory

Bubba Wallace felt a little out of place. Sunday afternoon, with Snoop Dogg along with a group of current and former NFL stars, the NASCAR driver found himself ready to play Madden as part of Virtual Pro Bowl Sunday in a chat.

Like many other things in the 2020 NFL season, the game had to be modified due to a coronovirus epidemic. So instead of an actual Pro Bowl, it went online with current and former NFL players – with Snoop Dogg – playing a quarter of each game.

Then there was Wallace.

“Wallace said,” I was just taking it all in and enjoying it and then listening to some stories and conversations, it was almost like, ‘Dude, am I really talking to these people, “” I’m just a race car driver with no business in the room with these guys but, hey, here we are, playing with Snoop Dogg here, which was cool.

“Between him and [former running back] Marshawn [Lynch], Were the two biggest waste negotiators to ensure this. “

By the end, Wallace, who occasionally plays Madden, but is more in call of duty, scored for the NFC with a dominant, three-touchdown second quarter vs. a 32–12 win over the AFC with Keyshawn Johnson.

Pro Bowl MVPs Kylar Murray, Wallace, Jamal Adams and Lynch included the NFC team. Deshon Watson, Johnson, Derrick Henry and Snoop Dogg were the AFC.

“Playing like that, I thought I was going into it, I thought I was going to be the weakest link,” Wallace said. “But I think we were able to see that I wasn’t. I was just the opposite. So it was good. It was good.”

Before the game, eight players were talking about how bad they were. He then played and felt the levels of “very good” diverse.

Johnson struggled in his five-minute quarters. He delivered three touchdowns, threw an interception and returned a kick, criticizing his fellow players and hosts Michael Strahan and Charissa Thompson.

After Wallace’s third touchdown, Johnson sided with his head. When the quarter smiled, Wallace flexed his arms, accusing Johnson of jokingly (perhaps?) Lowering his skills.

“This pool is a shark hull,” Johnson said. “what he did.”

Wallace was helped. NFC captain Murray told him that before starting the game he asked to rotate between a certain amount of defensive plays and look for an open man.

“I’m usually just an ask man,” Wallace said. “Like I just pick a play. I’m like, ‘Oooh, this is a good game, let’s invest capital and try to get there.’ He was like, pick up this defense, run full time and then go with a couple of these options for the offense.

“Can definitely hear his voice in the crowd, hey, pick this up. He help. Helped a lot. That’s why he’s the MVP.”

In one of the game’s few choices, Jamal Adams incorporated his virtual self – because why don’t you – in place of Buddha Baker. Virtual Adams then intercepted a pass and forced a second half. Adams also drove four straight passes to taunt TJ Hockenson, leading to a touchdown.

The highlight of the game, however, was not really anything happening in Madden.

This was exactly what was happening on the shore, where a comment by Snoop Dogg and Lynch was going on. And when the two played each other in the fourth quarter – Lynch took a 20-point lead – it was a rapid fire. Lynch gave Snoop Dogg a pass and immediately fell to the ground.


The chair he was sitting on broke. “There was great comedy there,” Wallace said. “At the top, we were all laughing all night. It was a great time, great conversation, just to be able and have fun.”

Wallace said he laughed all night longer than he had in a long time.

Wallace, a fan after meeting Alvin Kamara last year and knows that he played for his favorite college team Tennessee, said it was “pretty cool” he was able to play and interact with the people he met Used to and still play on Sundays.

He had also met Lynch once before – the only person he knew – and eventually exchanged information with Murray, who said he wanted to investigate a race. And if Madden was about to do it again, Wallace said he had enjoyed it so much that he would make a comeback appearance.

“If it was structured in the same way, I wouldn’t change a thing,” Wallace said. “It was fun, didn’t take too long, went well and it was really good.”


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