BTS Week: Jungkook’s yellow dress, hairstyle stole the show during a dynamite act with Jimmy Fallon, The Lets

BTS Week on The Tonight Show kickstarted with a colorful dynamite performance by Septet alongside Jimmy Fallon and The Roots. Watch the funny video below

BTS performed dynamite with Jimmy Fallon and The RootsBTS Week: Jungkook’s yellow dress, hairstyle stole the show during the dynamite act with Jimmy Fallon, The Lets

BTS ARMY’s Hysteria Mode was activated last week when Jimmy Fallon made the big announcement of BTS Week. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. We were promised new performances, an interview as well as a comedy sketch featuring Septet. Beating things up on day 1, we had a BTS performance Gunpowder With a Jimmy Fallon and The Roots Twist.

Funny video kickstart with Jungkook dressed in a yellow shirt with a matching undershirt and blue jeans with a brown and pink heart-shaped belt and one with different color backgrounds for handsome boys and one who The bedside seems to be a badge. ARMY could not stop the swept-out part with side hairstyle from dropping on Kookie’s exposed forehead. There are also Vs in their red hot avatar, RM with their cool sunglasses, Jimin’s dance moves, Gin’s denim look, Suga’s cute clasp and J-Hope’s mustard pants going to the ARMY gag. Let’s not forget Jimmy, who made us laugh while choreography and hurting his leg, The Roots added a new flavor to the Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 song. In the end there was a disco / electric surprise as the members danced their hearts out with dynamite graphics all around them. ARMY also loved how the members’ names were written in both English and Hangul as they felt it was a nice touch.

Check out BTS performing Dynamite with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots:

We love these boys and how!

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During this, Gunpowder For the third week the Billboard is again No. 1 on the Hot 100 overtaking its competition Cardi B. Fett. Megan The Stallion Wap. In addition, BTS has recently announced their new album BE, Which is scheduled to leave on 20 November.

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