BTS does ‘America’s Got Talent’; Top 10 Finalist Sets

“America’s Got Talent” has a top 10 set.

At the helm of the show, host Terry Crew said Wednesday’s results showed that the final work was going on after the final vote.

But before we get results, let’s talk about one of the biggest acts in the world: BTS. The K-pop group brought heat to Universal Studios Hollywood’s famous No. 1 hit “Dynamite,” with BTS’s first English-language single.

The result show also featured guest appearances from “AGT” royalty, including mentor Colin Cloud, magician Shin Lim, ventriloquist Darcy Lynn Farmer and governing champion Cody Lee.

And now Lee is ready to pass the torch for the next “AGT” champion, who will be crowned in just one week.

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Five acts took a step closer to winning $ 1 million, while six others shattered their dreams. Sophia Vergara said, “It will be hard to say goodbye to some of these amazing, amazing artists.”

Here’s what happened:


The three acts receiving the most votes were automatically advanced.

Singer Christina Rai, Heidi Klum’s Golden Buzzer winner, was the first to advance. On Tuesday, Rai dedicated an emotional performance of Cynthia Arrivo’s “Jump” to her son, Jeremiah.

“We’ll end this journey together,” Klum said. “I am very excited for you. You are a great inspiration to so many people, including your young son.”

Danilia Tuleshova soon joined Rai in the safe zone. Kishore shed tears as he thanked “America for your votes. I am very happy.”

Vergara advised the young singer in the finals to be right for herself, adding: “She knows what she is doing. She is already a star.”

The COVID-19 travel restrictions led to the Bello Sisters, an acrobatic trio connecting with Germany via satellite. The sisters said moving into the finale is “beyond anything we’ve ever dreamed of”.

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Mandel said “America made the right choice.” “We have seen performers and athletes before, but never seen three beautiful women with that kind of strength,” he said.

Face off

Singer Kenady Dodds, dance duo Bad Salsa and magician Max Major ended up in the middle of the pack and were on the verge of elimination.

“I’m confused with the three of you right now,” Mandal said. “I can’t believe it was three (on the chopping block).”

All three acts were performed head-to-head in three rounds of live voting for “Dunkin ‘Save”, where fans had the opportunity to save only one artist. Whoever received the most votes in the 30-minute flash round would go ahead.

In the end, the audience rescues Dodds.

“I was sitting here hoping it was going to be you,” Klum said. “You really deserve the finale.”

But the results were not yet over. The judges had a chance to decide who got the final place in the final: Bad Salsa or Major.

“This is the only part of my new job that I hate. … I have to choose one or I will be fired.”

Klum also did not have to be selected, as Mandal voted to save Bad Salsa.


The five serve with the fewest votes – singer Celina Graves, sword swallower Brett Laudermilk, Daredevil Jonathan Goodwin; Dance group Waffle Crew (Simon Buell’s Golden Buzzer winner) and Voice of Our City Choir (Crew’s Golden Buzzer winner) – were eliminated.

Major was also sent packing.

Next week

“America’s Got Talent” will return to Finals 22 for the finale (NBC, 8 EDT / PDT), where it will have one last chance to blow America into the top 10.

And the competition is full of talent. The finalists include three Golden Buzzer winners – spoken-word poets Brandon Leake (Mandel) and singers Roberta Battleglia (Vergara) and Rae (Klum) – as well as Arielist Alan Silva, Bello Sisters and Bad Salsa and singers Archie Williams, Tuldeshova, Dodds Are included. And pair broken roots.