BTS channels the Beatles for their debut on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Their The last show time Machine!

Feeling of k-pop BTS they threw it back to 1964 when they channeled the Beatles during their Late show with Stephen Colbert It will debut on Wednesday night. Stephen Colbert he himself got involved with the nostalgic vibrations and compared the performance of BTS tonight with the debut of The Beatles in The Ed Sullivan show the 9 of February of 1964, including the fans of the shouts. In fact, Colbert records his show at the Ed Sullivan Theater in Manhattan, making it more appropriate.

Colbert dressed like Sullivan (mannerisms and everything) and introduced BTS in a black and white video where everyone shared their names and a personalized message.

"And now, on the same stage, 50 years later, plus 5 years, 3 months, 6 days, a new batch of heartbreakers has landed," the narrator said in the cold open video.

Colbert spoke softly to the camera: "Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we have a great, great show and it continues … You may have heard that there is a new musical fad sweeping the world … These friends are really something, and the people are so Excited, you can only call it BTS-mania. "

Colbert à la Sullivan continued: "These children are not from America, they are from the other side of the pond, the big one, the one that has Hawaii in the middle, they are really a good group of young people. It has a nice sound for him. "

Finally, the intros began.

They went something like this:

"How are you? RM. I am a good boy ".

"Hi guys, I'm Suga. "

"Hi, my name is V and I'm a good boy."

"Hi, I am your hope, you are my hope, I am I hope! "

"Hello I am Jimin. Nice to meet you guys. "

blows kiss "Hello, I'm handsome in everyone Jin! You know?"

"Hello I am Jungkook Thank you very much for inviting us. "

Colbert then offered his nicknames. It was as follows: "The cute, the cute, the cute, the cute, the cute, cute one and, uh, the pretty one. "

BTS has conquered the world completely in recent times, which is evidenced by the large number of shows sold and the fact that the super fans camped in Central Park a week before their Good morning america concert.

The band is scheduled to perform their new song "Boy With Luv", which they recorded with Halsey, in the show tonight.

They have had some very active and exciting weeks. On April 12, they released their long-awaited album. Map of the soul: Person and a day later he made in Saturday night live.

Halsey and BTS performed the song during the Billboard Music Awards 2019 and put the whole MGM Grand Garden Arena at his feet.

As a result, not even celebrities can stay calm when it comes to meeting the band. There are a number of Hollywood stars that can be clearly placed in the BTS ARMY member category.

In #LSSC Tonight: history repeats itself with @bts_twt!#BTSonLSSC

– The Late Show (@colbertlateshow) May 16, 2019

The BBMA were a total test of that.

Superfan Terry CrewsHe compared BTS with The Beatles and his fellow BTS ARMY members were very happy with that comparison. Similary, Julianne Hough She met the band on the red carpet before the awards ceremony and she tried to get a picture, but unfortunately someone's fingers made their way into the picture. Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas Y Kevin Jonas They even said that their "main objective is to comply with BTS" and surely they did.

Take a look at the photos below to see their Show late debut.

It seems that BTS really became Map of the soul: Beatles Person tonight.

Congratulations for the great debut!

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