Bryo Taylor starred on the September cover of Oprah Magazine

“We can’t shut up,” Winfrey wrote In a statement with manifest. “Whatever megaphone we have to use to cry for justice. And that’s why Bryo Taylor is on the cover of Taylor O Magazine. The September issue honors her life and the lives of every other black woman whose life is soon It is done. “

Digital artist Alexis Franklin created the cover image.

“I am very happy to play a small character around the world on this long-standing racial injustice and police brutality,” Franklin told O Magazine. The original photo was taken by one Bryona himself and has been featured in the news several times. Looking at this, I see an innocence, simple but powerful. It was important for me to keep it intact. ”
Taylor was shot eight times after Lewisville, Kentucky. On March 13, police officers broke into the door of her apartment while executing a one-night warrant for a narcotics investigation. One of the three officers involved in his shooting was fired, but none of them came. Accused or arrested.
Winfrey’s latest column for Taylor advocates for readers to “keep fighting.” She lists several calls, including signing a petition to demand justice, calling on elected officials, donating to the Louisville Community Bell Fund, and using the hashtag #SayHerName on social media.

“We know how Bryon died. March 13. Louisville police barged into her apartment at midnight and attacked her. No uniform. No ‘it’s the police!” Terrorizing Briana and her lover, Kenneth Walker, ”Winfrey wrote in the column.

Celebrities like Winfrey have been using their platforms in recent months to continue conversations about Taylor’s death and to call for the arrest of police officers behind it. The WNBA devoted its season to the Taylor and Sesame Name movement.
This editorial decision comes at a major turning point for O magazine. Its parent company Hearst Magazine announced on Wednesday that the magazine would become “more digitally-focused”. The December issue of O will be its final monthly print edition. Instead, the company will focus more on sharing stories on its website.

“O, The Oprah Magazine launched as a personal development guide to help women live their best lives,” editor-in-chief Lucy Kaylin said in a statement. “As we adopt this next chapter, we will bow in moments that are central in the brand’s DNA and deepen the relationship with our loyal readers.”

September issue comes on 11 August.


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