Bryo Taylor shooting: Louisville police move to fire two detectives involved in the raid

His attorney, Thomas Clay, said Detective Joshua Janes received a pre-termination letter from the department on Tuesday.

The letter was sent from the Interim Chief of Police Yvette Gentry, who informed Janes of the “(current) current intention to terminate employment and that the action” upon review of the findings in the preparation and execution of an investigation into professional standards is based. Search warrant in Taylor’s apartment “.

A 26-year-old emergency room technician, Taylor was shot and killed by Louisville police officers in the early morning of March 13 during an errant forcible-entry raid in his apartment.

Gentry writes that Janes violated the standard operating procedure regarding search warrant execution and preparation for falsity.

Gentry wrote, “Your actions have brought disrepute to you and the department. Your conduct has caused a great deal of damage to the image we have established within our community.” “I cannot tolerate this type of conduct or untruth by any member of the Lewisville Metro Police Department.”

According to the letter, the case is scheduled for hearing on Thursday.

Clay said the hearing is a formality “because there is no doubt in my mind that a decision has already been made to terminate him without any judgment regarding what he had to say at this pre-closing hearing.”

Clay called the investigative process a “fiasco” and believes his client was being unfairly blamed.

“Detective Janes is being made a scapegoat by the Louisville Metro Police Department through a cynical and far-reaching investigation,” Clay said.

Kentucky Board Rejects Bryon Taylor's Family's Request for Special Prosecutor

According to his lawyer, Jarrod Beck, Detective Miles Cosgrove also received a pre-termination letter. Beck declined to comment further.

The Louisville Metro Police Department said on Tuesday that it is “unable to discuss these matters until internal investigations are closed, and discipline (if any) has been determined,” according to spokesman Sgt. John Bradley

The police union said in a statement that it was known that the two members had received pre-termination letters and would coordinate with them and their lawyers through the process.

Former detective Brett Hankinson has been convicted, but not for Taylor’s murder. Three counts of Wayne Endangerment in the first degree have been charged for firing blind bullets that ended up in an apartment next to Taylor. He has pleaded not guilty.

He was fired in June.


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