Bruce Willis wearing masks as ‘error in justice’

Now Bruce Willis says that wearing a mask inside Reit Aid this week was not a mistake.

“It was an error in judgment,” Willis told People late Tuesday. “Be safe for everyone and let’s keep moving forward.”

Page Six specifically reported that 65-year-old Willis was asked to leave the Los Angeles shop on Monday because he refused to wear a “mask” and upset employees and other customers.

His decision raised eyebrows as Willis tied a bandana around his neck, which he could use to cover his nose and mouth.

Los Angeles County, the epicenter of the coronavirus crisis in California, has surpassed 10,000 COVID-19 deaths.

Bruce Willis is not seen wearing a mask inside Right Aid
Bruce Willis is not seen wearing a mask inside Rite AidBACKGRID

Willis, however, has spent a significant amount of time with his ex-wife, Demi Moore, and his three children, Rumer, 32, Scout, 29, and 26, and Tallullah, 26, at his home in Idaho. The young daughters, Mabel, 8, and Evelyn, 5, later joined the group when they received their daughter’s test results after an accident with a hypodermic needle in La Park.


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