Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Letter to You’ Has Arrived: Stream It Now

Earlier this week, Springsteen joined Zen Lowe for his thoughts on taking a deep dip in his career, writing a book, his Broadway show and so on.

“It was a big project for us,” he says of the new album, “because I don’t think we ever live together in the studio and then put everything that we absolutely took, all the singing, all the games Have been. This E Street band is actually fully alive. And I overdubbed some solos and things, but it’s really a one-shot band. We’ve played live in the studio before, but never put everything together , Always went back and made an outspoken or overbearing, put in other things. “

Letter to you Produced at Springsteen’s Home Studio in New Jersey with Ron Eniello, mixed by Bob Clearmount and mastered by Bob Ludwig, and features the previously released songs “Ghosts” and the title track of the LP.

All tracks were completed in less than two weeks. “It was the first thing I did when I came up with a bunch of songs relatively quickly,” Springsteen told Lowe. “I was really there for a long time because I really put the band together and let them play in the studio. And so it is all just time and what happens and you are in different places in your life and everything comes together and it is time. It was just a good moment for him. ”

Letter to you The title comes with a companion Thom Jimny-helmed documentary Bruce Springsteen’s Letter to you, A special via Apple TV +.

The new set is a ridiculously busy vibe for The Boss. Memoir of springstein Born to run (Simon & Schuster) and his companion album Chapters and verses Arrived in September 2016.

Later, their Springsteen on Broadway Jujamskin’s production at the Walter Kerr Theater will run 236-shows from October 2017 to December 2018, and will feature a soundtrack album and Netflix special.

Letter to you Springsteen has a follow up to its 2019 release Western stars. Along with his long-time collaborator Jimmy, he also co-directed Western stars, A feature film released through Warner Bros.

section Letter to you bottom.

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