Bruce Springsteen’s Broadway tenure has been extended



Bruce Springsteen at his Broadway show at the Walter Kerr Theater.

Sara Krulwich / The New York Times

Bruce Springsteen is offering a second chance to fans who missed tickets to see him on Broadway.

On Monday, the singer's exhausted solo performance, "Springsteen on Broadway," was extended for four months, until June 30, 2018. (There will be a hiatus from February 3 to February 28)

Tickets for the new shows will go on sale on December 19 for fans who have already registered with Ticketmaster Verified Fan Service, a program designed to prevent buyers and auto-retailers from accumulating tickets. No new records will be allowed. Only those who have already registered but could not purchase tickets for the original block of shows will be eligible for tickets for the added dates.

Fans will also be able to enter a digital lottery for tickets after December 19 through Lucky Seat.

Understanding revised versions of Springsteen songs and autobiographical stories "Springsteen on Broadway" is not a conventional Broadway show. Jesse Green of The New York Times called the program "overwhelming and unpredictable" as well as "an important statement about the work of a lifetime."

Its uniqueness has not prevented its success. The initial execution of the show until November 26 was exhausted in a single day, and after its first week of five performances raised $ 2.33 million. After the show was extended until February 3, the tickets sold out quickly.

"Springsteen on Broadway" plays at the Walter Kerr Theater. For more information, visit

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