Bruce Kirby, ‘Stand By Me’ and ‘Muppet Movie’ actor, dead at 95

Bruce Kirby, a character actor who appeared in films such as “Stand By Me” and the TV show “The West Wing”, died. He was 95.

The tragic news was confirmed on Facebook by the actor’s son John, along with many love-filled photos of the star.

“My dear talented father BRUCE KIRBY passed away peacefully last night at the age of 95 in Cedar, Los Angeles,” he wrote on Monday. “My heart is heavy, but grateful for all the extra blessed years together. The love and dedication of my stepmother ROZ was remarkable and a major force in keeping her alive for a long time.”

John said that his father had always worked very hard in his craft and “it was very painful for him when he could no longer perform.”


Credit states that Kirby’s son described the film “Crash” and the television programs “Colombo,” “La Law,” and “The Golden Girls.”

Bruce Kirby has died at the age of 95. (Photo by Walt Disney Television Getty Images via Photo Archives / Walt Disney Television Getty Images)

He was also known for playing the role of a guard in “The Muppet Movie” in 1979 and “Stand By Me” in Mr. Quidcolliu.

“He loved using his real Italian name (Bruno Giovanni) in the program and in the press, so proud of his performance as Alferi in the LA production of” A View a From the Bride “. “The cast included Kim Catterall and the late greats: Susan Pertz, Alan Garfield, Carmen Argentiano, and Kevin Geyer. Arthur Miller saw her in it. My Dad was brought back to Broadway. Miller cast him in Dustin Hoffman’s Ben “A Death of a Salesman ‘An Experience My Dad and Rose Nurtured.”

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Kirby is also credited for appearing in “Diamond Orchids” on Broadway in 1965. John also stated that he joined the cast of the touring production of “Bye Bye Birdie” and “Gypsy”.

John said the actor was a great father to him and his brother Bruno, who was also an actor who died in 2006 of complications related to leukemia.

Bruce Kirby in the 1977 ABC TV film 'McNemaraz Band.'  (Photo by Walt Disney Television via Getty Image)

Bruce Kirby in the 1977 ABC TV film ‘McNemaraz Band.’ (Photo by Walt Disney Television via Getty Image)

John then praised the documentary “Troopers”, in which his father appeared

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He concluded: “Thank you DAD for everything you have taught me about acting and the ethics for doing such a strong work while sharing my love for the arts and crafts of all this. I will always remember you I’ll keep and love you. I’m glad. ” You are there with Bruno and a lot of our loved ones. “

The cause of the actor’s death is not clear at this time.

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People magazine reports that little Rosie also survives her husband for Rosaline.

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