Bruce Arians with Tampa Bay Buccaneers presented a delightful assessment of Tom Brady’s rough debut – NLN

Arian provides a rigorous assessment of Brady’s debut of rough books that originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

Tom Brady may be the shiny new toy in Tampa Bay, but it clearly won’t get him any special treatment from the Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians.

Brady’s Books made a mixed bag debut on Sunday versus the New Orleans Saints. Things began with a quality drive at the former New England Patriots quarterback that surprisingly ended with a touch of Brady haste, and it was a rollercoaster ride from there.

Later in the first half, Brady reported an apparent miscommunication with wide receiver Mike Evans. At the start of the third quarter, Brady threw his second INT of the day – a pick-six.

How Brady and Gronk performed in their book debut

After the game, which resulted in a 34–23 Bucs loss, Arion did not state words about Brady’s two costly mistakes.

Six to take as? Arion clearly described it as a “bad decision” by the 43-year-old.

There are bound to be some growing pains for Brady and the Bucs, but if there is one who can accommodate, he is a six-time Super Bowl champion.

For the Patriots and Cam Newton, they made their first test with flying colors. New England won 21–11 and Head Coach Bill Bellick revealed his new QB.