Brooks Koepka breaks weight loss reviews after the first round

Brooks Koepka organized a show on Thursday at the Masters, shooting a bogey-free, 6-under 66 to share the lead with Bryson DeChambeau.

If you have not followed Koepka's story, my colleague Charles Curtis explained on Thursday that some (mostly Brandel Chamblee of Golf Channels, who called it "The most reckless self-sabotage I've ever seen") questioning his decision to lose more than 20 pounds recently.

Koepka has been one of the great athletes of the PGA Tour, has worked hard with his good friend Dustin Johnson, and advertisers on television have often become poetic about how much he can play and how much he likes the gym while calling all three of them. Koepka Great victories in the championship.

While there have been some rumors that he might be losing weight to look good on the next ESPN Body Issue, it has not helped that he has had problems recently with his game. That is why some have expressed concern about their weight loss leading to a loss of power (what has happened because their distance from the tee has been 10 to 12 yards) and some recent results.

Well, Thursday was off in Augusta and after his round he shot the critics:

Look, I do not know who said it was too big to play golf. Literally, I've never heard anyone talk about how their previous size (which was 212 pounds and now is 190) is a big advantage. All they did was talk about their constitution, their biceps and their power.

Koepka's length had a chip on his shoulder, mainly due to his lack of respect from the media, even after winning his main championships. So all this weight talk could be a mix of that and a mix of Chamblee that need to say extravagant things in the Golf Channel broadcasts.

But in whatever this weighty problem has become, Koepka is clearly using it to motivate him and it seems to be working.

At least he did on Thursday.

But now we will have to see if he can take that success and run to his fourth great title.

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