Brooklyn Nets star James Harden, citing maturity as saying that he is out of Kevin Durant’s historic debut

NEW YORK – Brooklyn Nets stars Kevin Durant and James Harden are joking at an impressive pace – and the history books are returned.

On Monday night, they became the first doubles to score 30-plus points in their first two matches with the franchise as the Nets beat the Milwaukee Bucks 125–123. Durant had 30 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists, while Harden scored 34 points, 6 rebounds and 12 assists.

He came on the heels of a 30-point triple-double performance against the Orlando Magic playing in his Nets debut on Saturday, a game in which Durant scored 42 runs.

Since Harden’s arrival in Brooklyn, the Nets’ coach and management repeatedly said they would lean on the previous chemistry that Harden and Durant had built during their tenure with the Oklahoma City Thunder. After all, Harden has not yet had a single practice session with Brooklyn.

Harden said that his maturity has further enhanced his on-court synergy.

“We were young in Oklahoma City,” said Harden, 31, who played with the 32-year-old Durant on the Thunder from 2009 to 2012. “We’ve grown up now. We know what we want. We really know the game of basketball. We’re not the young ones who want to run and shoot all day and take a dip all day. And Then for me, I sit back and I know which players Kevin Durant are in. He is one of the best players that can ever touch basketball.

According to ESPN statistics and information research, Harden and Durant have taken 138 points in their first two games together in Brooklyn. It is the second-most combined points for teammates in their first two matches in association with the franchise in NBA history, followed by Wilt Chamberlain and York Lares in 1961 with the Philadelphia Warriors at 151. Chamberlain scored 139 out of 151 points, with Lares scoring 0. Their first game together and 12 in their second.

Durant said he is not surprised how quickly he and Hardik are appearing in court.

“We’ve done a lot in this league,” Durant said. “Experienced a lot, and for us to get it together now and combine what we’ve learned at the moment and try to play great basketball, I think it was very comfortable for us.

“It was an easy transition, especially with James handling the ball a lot. So we’re still trying to find our way, and we’ve still got room to improve, but it was a solid start. is.”

And on Tuesday, the Nets hope to add another component to the mix, as Kyrie Irving prepares to practice for the first time in more than two weeks.


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