Broncos individual player grade for week 14 in Panthers

The Denver Broncos won 32–27 over the Carolina Panthers, playing a clean game at every stage. Offensively, the Broncos moved the ball efficiently and defensively, mostly limiting the opponent.

At the end of the game, things were a bit painful, but the Broncos pulled it off. It was a good team effort that saw most individual players play a good game. This leads us to the player grade.

But remember, MVP is detected and analyzed. Video above, as always.

The positive

DeShawn Williams | Daily: 90.2

With so many injuries on the line, Williams has really stepped up and come into his own by playing some really good football. His play this year has given him a deeper role with the Broncos for 2021 and is expected to show more needed development.

Draw lock | QB: 87.8

It was a no Best of all, Lock’s young career game. It was not perfect, which no one expected, but he showed the proper progress needed to earn himself as a starter by 2021. Lock’s footwork was clean, he didn’t force the throw, took what he had and played within the plan. Eventually, the shots opened up and he took them, which is what we should see. It was a big move for Locke, but the final three matches still required continuity.

KJ Hummer | WR: 85.4

There was a legitimate complaint about offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur that he was of poor use to Hamler and the game showed how the speedster miscreants were misquoted in the game’s past. Hemler challenged the Panthers’ defense to the top and broke it twice.

Alexander Johnson | LB: 83.7

Another player with continuity issues who played a clean game. There was no lapse in this one and Johnson did well in his coverage, despite limited usage.

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Neten Muti | RG: 29.5

It was a tough NFL debut from Muti, but there were plenty of glimpses to look forward to for his future. It was clear that he was a rogue making his first start, but he also showed why many people injured him with a second-round prospect. Give Muti another year on the bench, as the primary backup guard, and look for him to start in 2022 if he continues his upward climb.

Demerkus Walker | Daily: 30.1

While he had a sack, it was not a high quality sack. What hurt the most was his defense. Walker has put together better tapes as a run defender this season but the game is reminiscent of his tyrannical run defense of old.

Shelby Harris | Daily: 35.2

Like Walker, Harris has put many better run defense tapes out of this game together this season. This largely overshadowed Harris in the running game and his impact as a pass ranger was minimal.

Dalton Risner | LG: 37.6

Riser had his hands full with Derrick Brown and was really battered in the running game. Riser regained possession in the pass protection, but the loss was severe in the run game.

Other notable grades

Jerry Jeudy | WR: 65.3

It is past for Judy to spend time at the Jugus machine. He added another drop to his sixes on the season, but did not make a big, positive impact to balance the scales. The glimmer of potential is exciting but Denver needs to be more consistent next year.

Kareem Jackson | S: 5 … 7

While he had some big hits, he also did some missed tackles. Jackson has a history of being hit or miss with his tackle and that is what Denver vs. Panthers got. The Broncos also got lucky with some missed reads as Jackson was out for some time in coverage.

Calvin Anderson | Lieutenant: 53.2

After starting left for an ailing Garrett Bowles, Anderson recovered. He placed himself in the pass protection and featured some physical maids as a run blocker. It wasn’t right, but if he takes a big step forward, Denver could deal with Anderson’s future possession. At the very least, he looks like a capable backup swing tackle.

Bradley Chub | OLB: 51.0

A story of two stages. As a passer, Choubey performed well after quarterback. As a run defender, he was mostly upset. Chubb also missed two tackles and caused considerable damage to the defense.

For the MVP of the game, again, check out Video above.

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