Broncos fans fired Elv and Fangio after shocking bills loss

After a 48–19 loss to the Denver Broncos at the hands of the Buffalo Bills, a large section of the Broncos Country disbanded. The Denver Week 15 loss ensured a fourth-straight defeat season for one of the most in-store franchises in NFL history.

The Broncos are bounced into the playoffs and embarrassing. Josh Allen rolled at Mile High and went on to defend a tune of 534 total yards and a 48-point total of 41 Bills.

Although quarterback Drew Locke played well sometimes, He was sufficiently consistent to elevate the game around him and keep the Broncos in the game. In relation to Locke, Fangio later stated that “we didn’t help him” and that it was clear, although it does not remove the second-year quarterback from Ones’ own share.

Defended midway through the third quarter, seemingly due to its skipping over the head coach. When this happens as it did on Saturday, it often serves as a precursor to that coach’s future with the team.

Only time will tell if Fangio survives until 2020 and is given the chance to lead this team next year. And the same goes for the lock. And maybe GM John Elway too.

If the Broncos Country has its own drunkards, however, Fangio, Locke, Elway, and offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur will be sent packing at the end of the season, at least, that is the upbeat sentiment on social media in the immediate aftermath of Week 15 . Here is a snippet. Fan reaction to Saturday’s debate, following Mile High Hudley’s entire social media.

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jimtaylor: Fangio is definitely a better coach than Vance Joseph but I am not sure he is cutting to be the head coach. The team has given up on him several times in the last two years. That being said, I would say that he is one hell of a defensive coordinator. Like Wade Phillips who was a great D coordinator but a bad head coach. If Fangio is fired, I think Elway will have to go with him. No coach wants to come here and face all the pressures, while never a competent team is given to take the field. No coach lasted more than three years as a GM in Elway’s time. This is not a good sign and it points to issues of Elway. No up and coming coach wants to get into that position. So I am opinionated on this point to give Locke, Fangio, and Elway another year. If they don’t figure it out, it’s time to clean the house after Boleyn-like Josh McDanells.

CUBuffinTX: This is Titanic, and the Bowell family is making sure that it sinks to the bottom. As long as they sell it and burn some life in this thing, you get what you see. It won’t stop there. It’s getting worse. Wait that $ 10M bill is payable for not being the ‘owner’, where is it coming from? The Titans have settled their issue so now it’s just the Broncos. They are from a well oiled machine. B ‘is ** t for the flaming pile of dogs and this which is to fall at the feet of Alice and Trust.

ponykiller: The Broncos set a new low in NFL ignorance: Denver is the first team in history to fail to make the playoffs for five consecutive seasons after winning the Super Bowl. Let it sink.

54MadDog: Rebuild [Justin] Simmons, [Elijah] Wilkinson, Fangio and their staff walk in, making a real draft inside linebacker and Vaughn [Miller] Replacement. Sign a corner and make a draft.

rckMcQ13: Please get rid of the lock in offseason.

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JSauer21: It is time for a completely clean house and a fresh start. Locke’s attitude and effort, like most of the team, was absolutely terrible. Tala is not a franchise QB, [and] It was a nail in the coffin.

lebowski friend: Alway and [CEO Joe] Alice needs to resign. Stop stealing money from the Broncos organization.

Yrita: Fangio needs to go, Elway needs to go! Joe Ellis needs to go! The Boleyn family needs to get a s ** t together as their owner.

Cloud9 TK: Fire Fangio and draft a new QB.

Nick Trujillo: The draw lock is garbage. John Elway is a garbage GM. Let’s get Matthew Stafford and go back to our winning ways. Lock can’t be with other teams that you think he can keep with [Patrick] Mahome for the coming years? [I’m] Sick of our QBs.

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Robert Kay: The blame starts from the top… Boleyn may have already fired Elway. Unfortunately, Boleyn probably did not realize or when he was not in a position to set the team on a qualified family member.

Matt b: I love Elway, but what has he done lately ?! The entire coaching staff should be laid off and replaced. Could limiting ownership be part of the blame? It does not appear that anyone is stepping on the mic and taking responsibility for their annual demise.

Eric f: Beginning now, Starting this team at the top, required a complete rebuild. New GM, new coaching staff and a critical evaluation of the roster. GMs need to understand what it takes to compete in modern football (I don’t think Elway does) and put together a coaching staff and roster to do it. Welcome to the 21st century.

Jim w: Putting the feet, [the] The Broncos are simply delaying the inevitable. He was worse last season, equally bad this season, and there is no evidence to suggest that he will be better next season !!! While that is bad, the real problem is a lack of ownership and if it is not resolved quickly, the NFL is going to come down hard (and rightfully so) on the franchise !!!

Severino w: This team suck. I am waiting for someone to buy this team, so they can fire everyone in the front office. A new beginning from top to bottom.

Soon: Does anyone think Fangio would take the job of defensive coordinator if we ‘fired’ him, then gave him that position?

Don d: The Broncos suck. Again. Fangio needs to leave.

Perspective to balance negativity

broncomarco: Sometimes my fellow Bronco fans and Denver’s sports media impress me. Yes, Josh Allen looked like Superman yesterday, but had he played his first two seasons in Denver, he would have gone out of town. Come, people, for all intents and purposes, Locke is a cheater finishing his first NFL season. He was not a world-batsman yesterday, and he did (Tom Brady may have stumbled on that hit as well), but he led his team to three scores (and a long field goal made it four. The score should be Was). 21 or even 23. Oh, yes, he dropped a point on a fumble, but the rest of the points scored were not his fault. Give the child a chance to learn. Give him a general offense and a full training camp. Then let’s see what he does next year.

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