Broken toilets cause the Delta flight to make an emergency landing

When you really must go, the plane must land.

A Delta Airlines flight from Kennedy Airport had to make an emergency stop in Montana so passengers could take a much needed bath, officials said on Wednesday. [19659002] The defective toilets on the Boeing 757 caused a real emergency on Saturday, forcing the plane to land at the Billings Logan International Airport more than halfway through the six-hour flight to Seattle.

"All the toilets were full and the passengers had to go really bad," according to a Delta incident report discovered by the Billings Gazette.

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Once they landed, relief still could not be seen: due to the unscheduled stop, no doors were available for the plane, which had to be taken to a cargo area to unload several "passengers who needed to find a lavatory very urgently," according to the report.

Ground crews had to bring "The passengers were able to return to the plane and continue on their way once the toilets were fixed," the report said.

Passengers were allowed to board the plane and continue on their way once the toilets had gone to the plane so that passengers could run to the nearest toilet and "find relief from the accumulated pressures." and the plane was replenished, Kevin Ploehn, Billings' director of aviation and transit, told the newspaper.

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