Brody van missed the Mets’ tenure as van Wegen

Brody Van Wegen’s best and worst moves during his tenure as Mets GM, which ended on Friday:


Jacob Degrom: Van Vagenen had a five-year extension as GM for $ 137.5 million, which his former CAA client received before the start of the 2019 season. DeGrom had said he would end the negotiations as soon as the season started, but the two sides settled on the final day of spring training. DeGrom is a steal for the Mets, compared to a seven-year contract valued at $ 324 million that free agent Gerrit Cole received from the Yankees after the season.

JD Davis: With a push from assistant GM Adam Gutridge, the Met landed Davis, then an undisclosed volume, in December 2018 without surrendering significant talent from Houston. Davis blossomed more than an everyday player and a respectable right-handed bat.

Pete Alonso: The rogue first baseman was placed on the Opening Day roster in 2019, as Van Vagenen avoided attempts to manipulate service time. Alonso set an MLB cheat record with 53 homers, and a new trust level was established between the organization’s young players and the front office.

Jacob Degrom and Edwin Diaz
Jacob Degrom and Edwin DiazNY Post: Charles Weinberg

contract: Under Van Wagenen, the Mets implemented a strategy to format high-upside players who were a risk for not signing. Van Vagenen hit both times, with pitchers Matt Allen and JT Gin receiving over-slot deals that extended the 2019 and 2020 drafts.

Be missed

Robinson Cano / Edwin Diaz: The organization’s top prospect, Jarred Kellenick, was dealt to the Mariners as part of a trade for Cano and Diaz. Both were disappointed in 2019 before rebounding last season. Cano, a former CAA client of Van Vagenen, added a salary of $ 100 million over five years on the Mets’ payroll.

Jade Lori: Van Vagenen offered his former client a two-year, $ 20 million contract, for which the Mets saw a total of eight plates over two seasons from the veteran infielder who struggled with various injuries. The Mets remained unclear about Lori’s diagnosis and prophylaxis until the completion of their deal.

Marcus Strowman: Anticipating the departure of Jake Wheeler via free agency, Van Wagenen traded pitching prospects for Strowman to the Blue Jays to Anthony Kay and Simeon Woods Richardson, who after starting 11 games for the Mets in 2019 Dropped out of this last season. The right-hander recently received. The qualifying offer from the Mets, which a source indicated he declined to seek a multi-year deal on the open market.

Rick Porslow / Michael Covenant: In need of rotation help, Van Wagenen signed both free agents at last year’s winter meetings and saw both flop in 2020.

Carlos Beltran: Van Vagenen hired the former Mets star as manager and then persuaded him to step aside after 77 days, as Beltran’s role in the Astros’ illegal sign-stealing scheme was exposed. It is surprising if Belton was properly vetoed by Van Vagenen.


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