Britney Spears’ father Jamie speaks about conservatism

Jamie Spears says she is “protecting Britney against people with self-serving interests.” (Photo: Reuters)

Jamie Spears is breaking her silence about the ongoing conservative drama with daughter Britney Spears that sparked the #FreeBritney movement. In an interview with CNN, Jamie revealed how broken their relationship is, claiming that he has not spoken to the singer since August.

“I love my daughter and I miss her so much,” Jamie said.

In August, Brittany’s attorney Samuel D. Ingham III filed paperwork to remove Jamie as a co-protector. He was first appointed by the court in 2008 amid the singer’s very public breakdown. Jamie believes Brittany’s lawyer to blame for the lack of communication as he alleges they were in contact until four months ago and were on “good terms”. He also defended his motives to remain in control of the pop star’s estimated $ 60 million in assets.

“When a family member needs special care and protection, families need to step up, as I have done for the last 12-plus years, continuing to protect, protect and love Britney unconditionally Is, “Jamie said. “I will continue to have unwavering love and fierce protection against those who serve me and those who harm me or my family.”

This is quite different from the picture painted by Brittany’s lawyer.

During last month’s theatrical hearing, Ingham said that Britney was “afraid” of her father and accused Jamie of making business decisions without her knowledge. According to court documents obtained by CNN, Ingham said that Britney would not perform again while Jamie was in control of her affairs. The judge ruled in favor of keeping Jamie and appointed the Bessemer Trust to act as co-custodians. Jamie has a hearing scheduled for Wednesday to review Brittany’s handling of the property.

Jamie Spears, Britney Spears, Brian Spears and Lynn Spears in Las Vegas in 2006
Jamie Spears, Britney Spears, Brian Spears and Lynn Spears in 2006 in Las Vegas. (Photo: Getty)

The conservative fight has divided the Spears family.

According to CNN, Brittany’s mother, Lynn Spears, said through her lawyer at the November hearing that she agreed with her daughter’s desire to have Jamie removed.

Glenstone Ann. Jones III said, “It has broken Lynn’s heart that things have come to this point,” reportedly the time to start afresh. Jones III also claimed that Lynn felt the relationship between Brittany and her ex-husband had become “toxic”.

Jamie’s lawyer denied that sentiment, telling CNN, “Jamie disagrees with Lynn’s inaccurate statements and overly misleading statements and characterizations.”

In July, Brittany’s brother, Brian Spears, admitted that her sister “always wants to get out” of conservatism, but was not held against her will. He said that conservatism is a big thing for our family, you know, at this point. I am hoping for the best. “

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