British pro-Brexit advocate applies for residence in France

LONDON – A prominent activist for the departure of Great Britain from the European Union was accused of hypocrisy on Thursday after submitting an application for permanent residence in France.

Former UK Treasury chief Nigel Lawson told the English-language newspaper The Connexion that he is requesting a permanent residence card from "carte de sejour". The 86-year-old former politician, father of the famous cook Nigella Lawson, lives in the southwest of France.

Brexit will end the right of EU citizens to live in Britain and vice versa. Britain and the bloc say they want expatriates to retain their current rights, but doubts remain about the status of 3 million EU citizens in the UK and 1 million Britons in other EU countries.

Lawson, who chaired the British Leave Leave campaign in the 2016 referendum, said that "speaking like a Briton in France … I'm not worried" about his state.

"I understand that some people are concerned about medical coverage and expect it to be resolved," he said.

The Pro-EU Best for Britain group said Thursday that Lawson "looks like a hypocrite" for living in "his luxury home in France" since Brexit causes economic uncertainty in Britain.

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