British officials say UK Kovid-19 variant may be more lethal

British authorities in London warned on Friday that a coronovirus pathogen, first identified in Britain, could be more deadly and more contagious than previous versions of the pathogen.

The findings of scientists advising the British government are still very uncertain. But British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a television address that the variant — which has spread the Kovid-19 infection across the UK and is spreading rapidly in the US — could result in high mortality.

US federal health officials have said that it is likely to become the flagship version in the US by March.

“We have been informed today that, in addition to spreading more quickly, it now appears that there is some evidence that the new version – the version first identified in London and the South East – with higher levels Can be connected. Mortality, ”Mr. Johnson said.

Temporary findings come when British hospitals encounter more Kovid-19 patients than during any time during the epidemic. The probability of Kovid-19’s death in the UK is likely to exceed 100,000 in the coming week.


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