Britain: Police officer suspended news after stabbing black man’s neck

The London police force has suspended an officer, pending an investigation after a black suspect stood on his knees next to his head and neck.

The footage of the arrest in North London on Thursday showed two officers handcuffed.

At the beginning of the clip, one of the officers, who was white, appears to press the man’s neck with his knee. The officer’s hand is on the head of the man, who is on a sidewalk on his side.

Another officer of East Asian ethnicity assisted in the restraint.

“Get away from me … get off my neck”, the struggling man can be heard shouting in the video that appears on social media. “I have done nothing wrong, get off my neck.”

One of the two officers asks, “Are you going to behave yourself?” He is told to stay down.

The suspect was later shown sitting and speaking to police officers.

Police said he was arrested on Thursday on suspicion of possessing and possessing an offensive weapon, following reports of a fight and is in custody.

The Metropolitan Police referred the incident to an investigation by Britain’s independent police watchdog, and London Mayor Sadiq Khan called for a swift and thorough investigation into what he described as a “critical” incident.

“The video footage that I have seen today and broadcast on social media is extremely disturbing,” Metropolitan Deputy Commissioner of Police Steve House said in a statement on Friday.

“Some of the techniques used have worried me a lot – they are not taught in police training.”

Major Black Lives Matter protests have been witnessed in major cities around the world over concerns about racial injustice following the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man in police custody in the US city of Minneapolis on May 25.