Bright Sonny Gray, the goalless red streak continues in the 2-0 loss to Pirates

Bright Sonny Gray, the goalless red streak continues in the 2-0 loss to Pirates

Bright Sonny Gray, the goalless red streak continues in the 2-0 loss to Pirates

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Whether it's due to the nerves that come with making a debut with a new team, the cold of the low to 30, or the fact that its original start was postponed one day due to the rain, Sonny Gray never looked well last Sunday. . First start with the Cincinnati Reds.

However, on Friday, we could see the pitcher that the Reds thought they would get when they exchanged for the New York Yankees and handed out what could amount to a 5 year, $ 50 million commitment for the former Oakland A ace.

Gray was largely brilliant against the Pittsburgh Pirates, allowing only one career win in 6.2 IP, with 3 H, no walks and 7 K in his 83-pitch outing. He was locating his fastball, his bursting ball was a completely clean throw throughout the night, and it certainly seemed to be the role of an abrupt one bent on returning to the elite level he threw for several years before his Yankees collapse.

Honorable mentions are due to: nah. Just … alone, nah.

Key games

  • Gray was completely introduced in the bottom of the 7, but it was at that juncture that he ran into the heart of the Pittsburgh lineup for the third time, and that burned, at least in the offense the Reds can not do nothing. all the scale. Starling Mars singled and took 2B in an uncontrolled pitch, and then moved to 3B in a productive shot of Francisco Cervelli. Mars then came out on the plate with a fielder's selection out of Josh Bell's bat, which was cool on the surface but left Bell in 1B with 2 outs. Jung Ho Kang then followed up with a double on the wall in LF, however, and that was enough to get Bell home and put the Reds behind, 1-0.
  • The bullpen of the Reds allowed another run at the bottom of the eighth. However, I was busy watching the best moments of the baseball teams scoring runs, and I missed it. Apparently, it involved, surprisingly, Matt Kemp becoming what should have been a pretty boring fly ball in LF in a double. Who could have seen that coming? Reds lost, 2-0, and that's how the mop collapsed tonight.

Tony Graphanino

Other notes

  • The Reds scored what, 5 runs on Opening Day, 3 of which came with a Derek Dietrich dinger. They have officially scored a grand total of 6 runs in all 6 games since then, with back-to-back stoppages in their ledger. It's the rudest offensive baseball I've seen in quite some time, honestly.
  • In fact, it's the first time the Reds have been eliminated in three consecutive games in 30 years.
  • Tanner Roark will return to the mound for the Reds on Saturday for his second start with the new club, and he will do so with the hope of releasing the way he closed his initial opening rather than the way his first inning blew. The Pirates will face Trevor Williams, and the first pitch is scheduled for 1:35 PM ET.

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