Briefing to briefing from national security experts

President-Elect Joe Biden will discuss readiness at key agencies on Tuesday with national security experts, even his transition team being denied access to those federal departments.

A diplomat, intelligence and defense adviser will brief Biden, a transition official said Monday night. Vice-President-Elect Kamala Harris will join Biden for the session.

The meeting is not an official US government briefing because the General Services Administration has yet to “find out” that Biden won the presidential election. Without access to agencies, Biden is counting on experts from the Obama administration – as well as people who have left the government during the Trump years and are cooperative – to plan the new administration.

Former Trump White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is among those who have warned that Biden’s shortfall could be a threat to national security.

Former Marine Corps general Kelly said, “If the transition is delayed you lose a lot because new people are not allowed to bring their heads to the game.” “The President, with all due respect, is not one to accept. But it is about the nation. It hurts our national security.”

He said: “This is not a process where you go from zero to 1,000 mph.”


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