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Bridenstine's Oath article as the 13th Administrator of NASA.

Jim Bridenstine, Republican Representative of Oklahoma and was recognized as the 13th Administrator of NASA by Vice President Mike Pence, President of the National Space Council.

" Last December, President Trump … signed the first set of recommendations of the National Space Council under the Space Policy Directive 1 ," Pence said during a brief ceremony at the headquarters of the NASA in Washington.

" We will send American astronauts back to the moon, and after that we will establish the capacity, with commercial and international partners, to send Americans to Mars," and NASA will lead the way, "he said. [19659003] Pence praised Jim and declared on behalf of the president that he is absolutely certain that the recently assigned NASA administrator will bring his governmental, civic and military experience, along with his quality, into a final chapter of US control rehabilitated in space.

Jim, together with his family observing, declared that he hoped to implement Pres. He triumphs the space policy that demands to finish the total assistance of the government for the ISS in the year 2025, the continuous growth of the crew

. in Bridenstine Oath as the 13th Administrator of NASA.

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