Brian Flores opens Rosen-Fitzpatrick contest

After his introduction to the Miami media, Field Marshal Josh Rosen said he simply wanted to enter and compete.

It's what he should have said, but it's the young first-round draft pick, while Ryan Fitzpatrick is the veteran official, though overflowing with charisma and always closed for at least a couple of fun Sundays.

However, competing for the initial quarterback position is what Rosen is expecting, according to Dolphins first-year coach Brian Flores.

"Regarding the position of quarterback, like any other position, there will be competition there," Flores said at a news conference on Friday. "In that position, we are looking for leadership, we are obviously looking for precision, we are looking for someone who, for the most part, can lead the team, and build successful units and put ourselves in a good position in the running game and in the game of pbades, from the point of view of protection, therefore, there is a lot at stake, it is a leadership position and there will surely be some competition in that position ".

Selected in the first round of the NFL Draft in 2018 by the Arizona Cardinals, Rosen was traded to the Dolphins on the second day of the 2019 NFL Draft to make way for the first global Kyler Murray team.

Therefore, either from the beginning of the season or later in the calendar, Rosen starting at the center seems to be an inevitable conclusion given that the Dolphins are building for the future.

Flores said that was not exactly the case.

"Yes [Fitzpatrick] "I won the competition, I'm absolutely fine with that," Flores said. "I think that would be the best thing for the team and the best for the Miami Dolphins."

While Flores is immersed in the unknown waters of being a head coach, he is preaching the competition throughout the team. With such a young and new list, it makes sense since an identity is still to be established.

"There will be competition, really in all areas of this team," said Flores. "I do not think there's any way to raise the level of a group that creates a competition."

Actually, a QB competition is not that unknown to Rosen or Fitzpatrick, whether the deck has been loaded or not. Rosen was a rookie he was waiting for last season with the Cardinals before replacing Sam Bradford. Fitzpatrick produced eye-catching numbers as a starter doing a campaign for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers before Jameis Winston returned.

With a new season on the horizon in South Florida, the two are ready to fight for the top spot in the Dolphins' offense. Rosen is likely to become the quarterback of the hopeful franchise, but for now both are back in a situation similar to the offseason, only now a new franchise seeks a new face of offense.

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