Brian Cranston, star of ‘Breaking Bad’, says he is recovered from coronavirus

“Breaking Bad” star Brian Cranston revealed on Thursday that he had recovered from coronovirus and shared a video of himself donating plasma to Blood Bank in Los Angeles.

Five-time Emmy winner and two-time Tony Award winner Mr. Cranston discussed the diagnosis in an Instagram post. He said that he was lucky and his symptoms were very mild.

The actor, known for his role in the “AMD series” Breaking Bad “as Walt White, a high-school chemistry teacher who supports making and selling crystal meth for his cancer treatment , Said he was cautious but still got the virus.

“I was very strict in following protocol and still … I contracted the virus,” Mr. Cronston wrote. “Yes. It seems that more than 150,000 Americans have died now.”

In the video, Mr. Cranston appeared in a surgical mask at the UCLA Blood and Platelet Center, where he showed a paleotrophic part of the blood used in a procedure, showing blood to a phobotomist with his right hand and cutting the plasma. To treat some patients with the virus is known as proto blood plasma.

The actor called the plasma “liquid gold” and said it could be rich in antibodies produced in response to the virus and benefit others in their recovery from disease caused by Kovid-19, a coronavirus.

Mr. Cranston watched the black and white film “A Face in the Crowd” starring Andy Griffith and Patricia Neil as he was being drawn to blood. He asked with the phlebotomists whether their motive was good.

Last year, Mr. Cranston won Tony for Best Leading Actor for his role in “Network”, in which he featured a newspaper.

In his Instagram post, the actor said that he is understanding people’s discomfort and frustration, so that social distance can be practiced. But Mr. Cranston, who was nominated for an Oscar for the film “Trumbo”, warned his followers not to be obedient.

“I counted my blessings and insisted that you keep wearing the damn mask, wash your hands, and stay away socially,” I wrote. “We can prevail – but only when we follow the rules together.”

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