Brian Cashman of Yankees fires back at disgruntled JA Happ

Before he stepped onto the mound of Yankee Stadium, Jae Hap opened fire on Saturday.

Shortly before the Yankees and Mets resumed their subway series, Brian Cashman landed on his starting pitcher in response to the veteran left-handed recent insulation that Happy would pick his $ 17 million option for next season The Yankees were manipulating their initial rotation to stop.

He said, “He did not have a good season last year. He had a poor season last year, and he was not very successful for us this year, coming out of the gate, “said Hap, who was making his first start on Saturday from August 5,” said Cashman. ” Doing that he can move forward and pitch well for us today and help us win a game, but this is pure baseball.

“You get a chance to play more with a positive performance and you get a chance to play less with a negative performance. Its as simple as that. We are not trying to complicate anything. Our job is to try to win the baseball game and field the best players in those situations, nothing more, nothing less. ”

Happ, who posted a 4.91 ERA last year and took a 6.39 mark early Saturday, drew Cashman’s Tuesday when he said it was “very clear” why the Yankees were starting him fourth from their extended break Were, which were two results of the Mets. Coronovirus cases erased last weekend’s subway series. When a reporter asked Happy if he felt that his schedule was tied to his vesting option, the pitcher replied, “You guys [in the media] Are very smart. It does not take too long to figure out what kind of work can happen. ”

Brian Cashman (L) and Jae Hap
Brian Cashman (L) and Jae HapAP, Getty

Cashman mentioned a five-day break, which included a postponed subway series, a scheduled day and a rain in Atlanta, said, “That deadline had us reset the clock. So… you are going to start your best and give them the ball as often as you possibly can in this short season. And unfortunately because of how we evaluate our rotation – and I think that’s how anyone would look based on JA Happ’s performance last year and so far this year in the regular season, he’s backwards of that rotation. And this is all we are doing. ”

The two-year core terms, a $ 34 million deal that Hap signed in December 2018, called for a vested option to activate with 27 options or 165 innings. In this COVID-short season, those numbers would be predetermined for 10 starts or 61 ¹ / ₃ innings, however, Happ’s contract was one of a handful that were blessed by a collective bargain between players and owners last month Not done, which means that its options will not necessarily be contained on numbers. Yankees and Happ can retrieve new words, or Happ can file a complaint to get their money.

Anyhow, Happ is very unlikely to reach his desired goals. Saturday marked his fourth start, and he started the day with an innings of 12 pitch / pitch, reaching the 30th game of the Yankees’ season, half its mark.


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