Brexit legislation to return to the House of Commons on June 12 – The Times

LONDON (Reuters) – Legislation backing Britain's exit from the European Union will return to the House of Commons on June 12, the Times reported on Monday, giving lawmakers the opportunity to discuss the proposed changes to the law that could shape Brexit. .

Prime Minister of Great Britain Theresa May addresses the House of Commons in London, March 14, 2018. Brochure of the European Parliament through REUTERS

Upper House of the British Parliament, House of Lords he defeated the government to make 15 changes to the legislation, including on core issues of Brexit, as if Britain should leave the single market and the EU customs union.

A journalist for The Times newspaper tweeted a letter from the senior official responsible for making sure that the legislators of the ruling Conservative Party vote in support of the government, asking them to ensure that they will work in parliament on that date.

Reports by Andrew MacAskill; William James edition


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