Brewers-Cardinals game postponed after positive Kovid-19 Test

Tonight the game between the Brewers and the Cardinals will be postponed due to positive Kovid-19 tests within John Heyman () of the Cardiers organization, MLB Network.Twitter Link). Joel Sherman of the New York Post Connects That the Cardinals are isolated at their hotel and have not been to Miller Park.

This is a discouraging development for the league, which has previously emphasized that the current outbreak within the game was contained within the Marlins organization. Neither the Brewers nor the Cardinals played (or would play) the Marlins in 2020 under an unsigned schedule.

The number of positive tests will be stated, but it is easy to imagine the widespread impact from positive tests of the Cardinals. The Briars will obviously be directly affected, but they are unlikely to be alone. For instance, the Cardinals traveled from Minneapolis to Milwaukee after completing two game sets with two twins. Minnesota hosted the Indians last night, meaning Cleveland players and staff were at the same visitors club house that had just hosted the Cardinals. Both the Twins and Indians could still feel the impact of the Cardinals’ tests, even though none of the players in the roster had tested positive yet. The Pirates, whom the Cardinal played in their first series of the season, are likely to be cautious following today’s news. The Cards were scheduled to take on the Tigers the following week, but as we saw with the Marlins, Phillies and their upcoming opponents, that could now be subject to change.

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