Brett secretly receives third degree from Olivia’s friends

Married on first site Star Brett raised a lot of eyebrows during its premiere on the Lifetime reality show. That is to say, he was not a good first impression. He entered a fairly well-known dating history, and went on to flirt with another woman during a bachelorette party. Now, with both Olivia and the fans not sure if she is the right match, Olivia’s friends are ready to grill her. And based on a sneak peek, that’s what they are about to do.

Brett’s behavior shocked fans of ‘Married at First Sight’

Brett and Olivia Kay Married on first site Season 11 | Julie Verlinden Photography Copyright 2012

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When it comes to Brett and Olivia, fans are not convinced that it should be. Mostly this is the result of Brett’s behavior so far. Olivia is ready to enter into a committed, long-term relationship, and it seems as if Brett cannot be on the same page.

Brett was shocked Married on first site Fans when he takes another step at Kristen MAFS Contestants during graduation party. When you’re getting hitched to someone else, there’s not really a classy move.

MAFS The star discussed their famous dating history, which also alerted fans. After being cheated on in the past, Brett dated 45 women in succession. Talk about rebound.

Redditors are not affected yet. One fan wrote, “I am very tired of civilized people with full creeps, parochialists and ‘experts’ with thick bags.”

“They should not have allowed the process to continue after such action,” he said. I understand that they have not married yet but when you say yes to come on the show, you commit to marry a stranger. It is incredibly disrespectful to other people in use who are taking it seriously to act like this, ”another user suggested.

Olivia is not too thrilled

After watching the episode herself, Olivia revealed that she wasn’t very impressed with it Married on first site Either.

The reality star told Us Weekly, “For Brett, his father wasn’t thrilled and his siblings didn’t have much to say – all this on their faces. They were all surprised that he would consider getting married, given their dating history. “

Olivia said, “I like that Brett chose the simple black-and-white color, but I must admit it was hard to see this segment. It was up to him to hear about all his previous dates and dates being canceled. Not good. It makes me think that maybe he is not ready to settle down. “

He said, “Some things Brett says are very shocking to me. He sounds like a playboy.”

Olivia’s friends give Brett a third degree

Olivia’s friends are not very impressed with Brett. With a sneak peek, they ask Brett some tough questions, and their answers don’t thrill him.

Olivia’s Matron of Math Kathleen asked Brett, “What’s your biggest fear right now?”

Brett replied bluntly, “My contacts would dry up before I could return to my room to pour the drops.”

In an attempt to cover for your answer, Married on first site Star said, “At the moment I am thinking that it is very easy to get married. It seems super simple. ”

Kathleen, looking giddy, replied, “Oh yeah?” After an uneasy silence in which Olivia’s friends look at Brett as she has two heads, Kathleen asks, “Did you like a serious relationship in the past? What do you think they did not work? “

“Uh, there’s no generalized answer to this, I mean … I’ve dated a lot of people who are very different from me. It never really works properly,” Brett explains, actually the question. Do not answer

So far, Olivia’s friends don’t seem completely on board. It should be seen that Brett’s behavior will change once and he and Olivia start spending time together in earnest.

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