Brett Favre: Bruce Arion “barking up the wrong tree” to call out Tom Brady

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One of the most surprising developments of Week One came after the Bucaners-Saints game, when Tampa Bay coach Bruce Arians publicly called quarterback Tom Brady not once, but twice. This is something Patriots coach Bill Bellich has never done for Brady or any other quarterback.

“I think it’s the guy you want to call after the first game of the year,” Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre said on SiriusXM NFL Radio on Tuesday. “Now maybe they were going into a mutual tug-of-war season, going into the game, ‘Hey, I’m going to be tough for you. I want people to know that we are technically not you, despite you being treated.’ Am I going to do, are you okay with that? ‘If they have that truss, great. If not, I think you’re cutting down the wrong tree. Stress can easily enter quickly. The Saints may not have done anything they were not prepared for, other than that we did not defend very well, Tom collapses once or twice, you get a little jealous, it happens. He was performing nonstyle in the first half of the Super Bowl against the Falcons, doing his best. He went in, got a ‘come to Jesus’ week, didn’t even come close to touching him in the second half, and he was innocent. . So they clean up the security, time, chemistry will come. Will it come overnight? I doubt it too much, but it will come very quickly and they can easily go out 4-1 after five weeks . ”

Favre looks great in Brady’s first game with a team other than the Patriots.

“Tom’s performance was not what we’ve come to expect from him but I’d say, it wasn’t far off,” Favre said. “And you’re right, I think the first drive most people said, ‘Well, he hasn’t missed a beat. He’s typical Tom.’ I was a little surprised how he got started. I was shocked by that. Wasn’t how the rest of the game unfolded. New team. He’s been in a familiar environment forever. And then suddenly not only is he with a new team, football is completely different right now. No president. Yes , We saw, we heard the kind of workout he was doing, whether it was virtual or in the parking lot. But, see, its not even equal to the real bullets. And they protected OK. Tom, you know, if You protect him, he’s gonna tear you apart, I don’t care if it’s the new receiver. And it wasn’t just specific protection. I’m not blaming the line, I’m not blaming Tom Brady Have been. ”

Here’s the reality: The Buccaneers got a tough draw to start the year. He has a very easy fixture on the horizon with a home game against the Panthers, a trip to Denver (which has actually been a home of horrors for Brady), a trip from the Chargers, a trip to Chicago and a trip to the Packers. After games in Las Vegas and the Giants.

A record of 5–3 at the turn seems to be the minimum. Either 6-2 or 7-1 are attainable. Regardless, the loss in Week One only means that Tampa Bay’s best possible record is 15–1.