Brett Baird Challenges Trump Officially on Woodward’s Interpretation of Trump Coronovirus Comments

“Special Report” anchor Brett Bair told the Trump 2020 campaign communications director Tim Murto Thursday on his claim that earlier this year journalist Bob Woodward had no difference in President Trump’s statements on the coronovirus epidemic and Trump Americans. Were telling publicly.

“The things that are being said there [to Woodward] Those are the same things President Trump has said publicly, “said Murtow, to which Bair replied:” That’s not true, Tim. it is not true.”

“Yes it is,” Murtow shot back.

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“He was telling the pub that the virus would be gone by 15 [cases] 0 and said it was going to magically wash out, “Bair replied.” This is not the same thing he is telling Bob Woodward – that it is a deadly virus, that it travels in the air, that it is very serious, that I like to put it down. He was not saying the same things publicly as he was telling Bob Woodward. ”

Bair was referring to audio excerpts from Woodward’s interviews with Trump in February and March that were published by The Washington Post on Wednesday. The interviews form the basis for Woodward’s upcoming book, “Rage”.

FAUCI SAYS did not make any ‘payments’ to anyone who wanted to tell them anything about coronair.

“It was public knowledge at the time … and it was discussed at the coronovirus briefing,” Murtow said. “Everyone knew that it was transmitted through coughing and sneezing and the president –

“Well,” Bair intervened, “but what you said is what he was saying privately and youngly. It was not the same.”

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“Fauci says it’s the same,” replied Murtow. “You’ve just played Sound Bite. Dr. Fauci said that there is no appreciable difference between the president in private what he was saying publicly.”

“The question was, was the president directly with the American people?” Murtah later added to the section. “And he was. Every step of the way, the President was directly with the American people. There is no question of that.”

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