Brennan memoir for October, says Trump prevents him from reaching record

Former CIA Director John brennanJohn Owen BrennanGraham Postpons Russia probe boils tensions over GOP vote as by-election vote Vice President Obama fires hot testimony from Rosenstein Republican for giving chairman rights In October will release a memoir titled “Underdown: My Fight Against American Enemies, Home and Abroad”. Macmillan Publishers announced Tuesday.

According to Macmillan, Brennan’s book “veils the agency’s inner workings by describing the selfless, patriotic and invisible work of women and men involved in national security.”

The washington post On Wednesday, Brennan told the outlet that the administration blocked his access to classified records while he was writing the book, records that other former CIA directors are able to access before reviewing his manuscripts.

Brennan was the director of the CIA from 2013 to 2017, and President TrumpDonald John Trumpbidden hits Trump’s ‘Law and Order’ message: he is trying to ‘scare’ people. People fired Pelosi out of Barr after testimony: ‘He was like a blob’ and ‘henchmen for Trump Schumer: Trump needs COVID-19’ deal to help GOP election opportunities More He is accused of being an important person The “deep condition” is a conspiracy to weaken his campaign and discredit his election.

Mark Zaid, a lawyer who has represented government whistleblowers and former intelligence agency employees who went on to write memoirs, told the Post that blocking the record was “unprecedented, as far as I know.”

“It is demonstrative, once again, for the actions of a vengeful, political president who has nothing to do with actual national security decisions,” he said.

White House spokesman Jude Deere confirmed to The Hill that Trump instructed the CIA to file records based on Brennan’s “erratic behavior and the president’s belief that access to classified information is only for the benefit of the government and the American people” Should be. “


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