Brendan Burns, B1G Breaststroke and Six 18-Split at Big Tens Night Four



  1. Indiana – 1,036.5
  2. Michigan – 1010
  3. Ohio State – 1000
  4. Purdue – 615.5
  5. Wisconsin – 571
  6. Northwest – 554
  7. Penn State – 496.5
  8. Iowa – 444.5
  9. Minnesota – 396
  10. Michigan State – 149

The team race continued to rotate tonight, with the top three teams, and then the teams vying for fourth place, swapping leaders back and forth. Indiana has a slight lead over Michigan and Ohio State heading into the final day of competition, while Purdue is ahead of Wisconsin and Northwestern.

A great story of the night came on the 200 fly, where the race was not competitive, but time ran out for the winner Brendan burns was. At 1: 39.22, Burns beat Vini Lanza’s school record and Big Ten’s record, a better by more than a second for Burns and his first time under 1:40.

Burns is now No. 9 all-time, just .01 ahead of Texas A & M’s Shaine Casas.

The other big story tonight, one we’ve only noticed in relays so far in the match, is the depth of the Big Ten in breaststroke. In the final, while some swimmers added time, all eight finished under 52 seconds. Counting this morning’s preliminaries, nine Big Ten swimmers have dropped below the 52-second barrier this season, accounting for nearly half of the country’s U-52 swimmers.

Max McHugh leads the nation with his time in the preliminaries of 50.19, while Michigan Will chan he dropped his first 50-point swim, and Michigan’s first as a program, with a 50.95 for silver. McHugh and Chan are now 1-2 in the country, while Indiana Zane Backes is fourth (51.04) and the state of Ohio Jason mathews is sixth (51.30).

Indiana won the 200 free relay, and Purdue made its presence known with great effort for second place there. Six men broke 19 in flight sorties, while OSU Hunter armstrong had the fastest first stage (19,17).


Denoted outbound leg *

Michigan Gus Borges 18.56
Indiana Jack Franzman 18.59
State of ohio Sem Andreis 18.65
Penn State Jake houck 18.82
Penn State Will roberson 18.96
Purdue Nick sherman 18.98
Indiana Van mathias 19.00
Purdue Ryan hrosik 19.07
Purdue Ryan lawrence 19.07
State of ohio Hunter armstrong 19.17 * start *
Indiana Brandon hamblin 19.23
Wisconsin Andrew Benson 19.25 * start *
Michigan Will chan 19.26
Michigan Cam Peel 19.30 * start *
Wisconsin Dylan delaney 19.33
State of ohio Colin McDermott 19.37
State of ohio Justin fleagle 19.38
Purdue Nikola Acin 19.38 * start *
Minnesota Eitan Yudashkin 19.39
Indiana Tomer frankel 19.42 * start *
Iowa Seth miller 19.47
Michigan Wright River 19.48
Penn State Gabe brown 19.52 * start *
Iowa Sergey Kuznetsov 19.63
Minnesota Max McHugh 19.63
Iowa Aleksey tarasenko 19.66 * start *
Michigan state Bradley Sanford 19.68
Wisconsin Erik gessner 19.68
Michigan state Kevin Mills 19.71
Minnesota Kaiser neverman 19.73
Michigan state Evan Stanislaw 19.76
Penn State Zane sutton 19.77
Wisconsin Wes jekel 19.77
Iowa Will myhre 19.78
Minnesota Lucas Farrar 19.80 * start *
Northwest Andew Zhang 19.80
Northwest Collin schuster 19.87
Northwest Ezra Mizgala 20.00 * start *
Michigan state Aidan farley 20.06 * start *
Northwest Ethan churilla 20.15

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