Breathtaking NASA Video Shows New Footage of Earth Set to Haunting Cover of ‘The Sound of Silence’


In area, nobody can hear you scream. And this new video of footage from the International Space Station, set to a canopy of Simon and Garunkel’s “The Sound of Silence,” underscores that reality.

Beginning with footage of a dawn, the video strikes by vast, sweeping photographs of cloud formations, footage of an aurora borealis from area, zeroing in on chicken’s-eye views of cities like New York.

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The video was created by Russian astronaut Sergei Ryazanski, Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli, and American astronaut Randy Bresnik. It joins the lengthy custom of cultural merchandise that faucet into the sense of elegant loneliness that area evokes. On the newer finish of that custom, retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield launched a canopy of David Bowie’s emblematic ballad about an astronaut afloat past the stratosphere, “Space Oddity.” The video itself was filmed whereas Hadfield was in orbit, floating aboard the International Space Station in a T-shirt as he strummed an acoustic guitar.

For all the emotions of awe and loneliness that movies like this provoke, there may be one tiny scientific level that deserves some clarification. Readers could come away from a video like “The Sound of Silence” pondering that sound actually can not journey in area.

NORTHERNLIGHS The aurora borealis over Canada, photographed from the International Space Station NASA

Gizmodo reveals the state of affairs is a bit more sophisticated than that. Sound does journey in waves that perpetuate themselves by vibrating the molecules of the gases they cross by. In that approach, we’re in a position to hear each other (and nearly every thing else) on planet Earth. In outer area, whereas it’s true that nobody might hear you scream in area, sound does technically journey by pockets of fuel that exist between stars, and within the “rareified whisps of Earth’s outer atmosphere.”

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